At Craigieburn Locksmiths, we know that not everything you are trying to protect requires a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art security system. But it is important that you know what your current level of security is so you can change or upgrade as needed.

Roller Door Locks are one of these areas where you may just be locking up old, outdated stock. On the other hand, this unused stock could be several thousand dollars in computers that you haven’t yet installed in the workplace. Either way, these larger storage areas usually require some form of a roller door lock to secure the items.

We recommend having these locks inspected to deem if they are suitable for your security needs or if they need to be either upgraded or replaced. Our top priority is keeping your property safe and secure.

To further discuss Roller Door Locks, please reach out to our team directly at 1300 045 397 or leave us an enquiry HERE.