Craigieburn Locksmiths is proud to say we are an authorised BiLock Agent. This means that our locksmiths have been trained and have the hands-on experience required to recommend, install, repair, and distribute BiLock Master Key Systems.

BiLock Exclusive is Australian-made and one of the most premier security systems. For the last 30 years, BiLock has developed top-of-the-line master key systems used in some of the most highly protected venues including Olympic stadiums, Vegas casinos, and hotel chains.

Here’s the BiLock Exclusive Master Key System, at-a-glance:

  • Reputable: Well-established brand known for durability
  • Compatible: Can be installed and fit with nearly anything
  • Customisable: 17 million lock combinations to choose from
  • Easy-to-use: Minimal maintenance required
  • Secure: Resistant to lock-picking
  • Affordable: both installation and maintenance prices are competitive

Why BiLock Exclusive?

BiLock Exclusive has built its reputation by being dependable and durable. Having stood the test of time, BiLock now has their locking system down to a simple science including a dual-bladed key that operates a programme of 12 tumbler pins as well as the potential for over 17,000,000 possible lock combinations.

Additionally, there is a 13th locking dimension that helps to secure the entire locking device. This 13thdimension is a rod that runs through the centre of the lock and must turn in order for it to unlock.

A big deciding factor for many businesses is the ability to colour-coordinate keys. This allows you to differentiate levels of access based on the colour of your employee’s key. There are 8,500 possible colour combinations, allowing you nearly endless possibilities.

Another advantage of the BiLock Master Key System is the ability to quickly and securely change the locks. The Quick Change Core (QCC) negates the need to go through the process of rekeying – instead just requiring a quick visit from one of our mobile locksmiths.

If you would like more information on BiLock Exclusive, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Craigieburn Locksmiths. You can leave us an enquiry HERE or speak to us directly by calling 1300 045 397.