BiLock Exclusive

One of the most trusted names on the market is now even better: BiLock Exclusive

Known to be one of the best locking systems on the market, BiLock Exclusive has made a name for itself over the last 30 years. To vouch for its credibility, some of the most secure places on Earth have installed this locking system, including:

  • Casinos
  • American Banks
  • Olympics
  • Military and Security Establishments
  • Industrial and Civil sites

BiLock Exclusive Overview

This high-quality technology is simple at its core: a dual blade key that unlocks a dual key combination. However, the two of these combined means that there are at least 17,000,000 locking combinations – resulting in a complex yet durable locking mechanism.

Two additional pieces further improve the security of the lock, requiring 2 unique codes to ultimately unlock the mechanism. You can also assign a colour to each level of access – resulting in over 8,000 different combinations for you to organise your security access with.

How secure is BiLock Exclusive?

One of the most trusted names on the market, this locking system is equipped with an anti-drill steel barrier. This means exactly that: it’s made to withstand somebody drilling through the lock, resulting in a very durable and trustworthy security system. Lastly, it comes with a patent life of 20 years and is AS4145.2 compliant.

Who should perform the installation?

BiLock has agents who are authorised to install their locking systems and perform any needed maintenance on them. Craigieburn Locksmiths is proud to say that we have the knowledge and expertise needed to do so. As authorised agents, we stock their products and can either install them now or retrofit them as needed.

If you are interested in hearing more about BiLock Exclusive or how we can assist you at Craigieburn Locksmiths, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 045 397. Alternatively, you can leave us an enquiry HERE.

You can visit BiLock Exclusive’s website HERE.