From hide-a-keys to front door mats, it’s common practice to hide a spare key outside of your home for when you lock yourself out or lose your keys. Although this seems like an easy and quick solution for when you find yourself in a lockout situation, burglars also know that this is standard practice and know exactly where to look. Instead of hiding your key somewhere that it can be found easily or someone can see you fetching, a key safe is a secure option. See below for more information on key safes and why you should ask your Craigieburn Locksmith about installing one on your home.

What is a key safe, and why should you get one?

A key safe keeps your spare key secure with a combination lock – usually of letters or numbers – so only trusted family members can enter. By investing in one of these small boxes, you can rest easy knowing that an intruder won’t find your hide-a-key. It also can become hard to keep track of which neighbours, friends or family members have a spare key to your home. Not to mention if you have a falling out or someone moves away, your spare key is something additional you have to worry about. A key safe is resettable, so if you don’t want to permit someone access to your home anymore, you can easily change the code.

Can your Craigieburn locksmith recommend where to put your key safe?

A key safe is a small box that is attached to the outside of your home. You can have it near the front door to where you would usually enter. Alternatively, suppose you can access your back door or backyard without a key. In that case, you can put the key safe inside your property and beyond your gate, adding on another layer of security. The box usually goes on a concrete pillar or somewhere else similarly secure. Regardless of where it is, it’s best to put it somewhere concealed. With the rain, hail, and wind you want to ensure that the safe is protected from the elements and it won’t weather too much. 

How can you find a high-quality key safe?

Your Craigieburn locksmith will be able to assist you in which key safe is best for your needs as well as give you recommendations for where it would be best placed. There is a range of products on the market that allow you to choose the size, unlocking mechanism, backplate material and colour. You can even select safes that will enable you to store up to 20 keys. This is an excellent option for spare car keys, back door keys, and anything else you foresee yourself possibly losing a key for. You can view our selection of key safes here.

We understand that lockouts happen. Investing in a key safe will save you the callout fee for a locksmith to unlock your doors. However, if you lose your key or believe someone has stolen your keys, it’s in your best interest to ask your Craigieburn locksmith if you should get your locks rekeyed instead of using your spare key. If you have questions about key safes or any other locksmith needs, you can call us on 1300 045 397 or leave us an enquiry HERE.